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Kickboxing Fitness

Are you ready to sweat?

Build your fitness level with Kickboxing Fitness!

Mix up your routine with balance, coordination, and strength-building moves through our specially designed kickboxing group fitness classes. This Kickboxing Fitness class can be as high/low intensity and high/low impact as you like.

Beginners to athletic cross-trainers welcome! Bring a friend!

Kickboxing Fitness is an energizing full-body workout, incorporating a broad range of functional movements for mobility, bag work for sweat-producing impact training, and an emphasis on core strengthening. 

Taught by 3x Black Belt, certified personal trainer, corrective specialist, and fitness nutrition coach Padme Grace.

Training like this will physically prepare you for whatever punches life throws your way. (Cheesy right?)

$15 drop-in. Hand wraps and/or bag gloves are encouraged and can be purchased through us.

Also check out The Workout and our personal training.

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ground and pound bagwork
mma bags for kickboxing
stand up heavy bags for kickboxing
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