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Tiny Tigers & Kids Karate

Your child will benefit from these character building classes which are part of our year round children's program.

Your child will learn the positive benefits of




self discipline




strength and flexibility

Because a structure of respect is built into the martial arts, children develop the ability to listen, learn, focus and achieve.  This proves to be an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for kindergarten and preschool.

Our Kids Karate Program has been specifically developed to allow your child to reach his or her greatest potential in the shortest period of time as well as emphasizing skills such as  focus, attention, self discipline, manners, respect, courtesy, honor, self-defense, safety, personal development and how to be a leader.  Instilling these values truly begins at an early age and will allow your child to have the necessary tools for school and life!


How Often Do They Attend Class?

Monthly membership includes 2 classes a week with a bonus Saturday. It is recommended that students attend at least two regular classes each week. With regular attendance the student gets a strong grasp of the material. They should also practice outside of class times to ensure retention. Please check the schedule for class days and times. 



How Often Do They Test for Rank Advancement?


Your child can earn belt stripes in Karate by testing every 20 classes. However, not all students test each time. Testing is dependent on 3 elements: 1) Number of classes attended, students must attend a certain number of classes to be ready to test 2) Proficiency in the techniques for their rank 3) Attitude and home/school report of the student.

What are the benefits to training in the martial arts?  (click to read more)


If you want your child to become disciplined, to become stronger and more fit, and to have a positive self image take him to a martial arts class. Regular martial arts training allows the child the time to practice his focus and concentration. Daily he will challenge himself physically and mentally. He will gain strength and confidence during each class. Included in each class are life skills such as compassion and integrity. He will learn to work cooperatively with his peers. He will learn to follow instructions and he will learn that exercise is FUN!

How much does it cost?

$110 a month which includes 2 classes a week plus a bonus Saturday class.
Uniforms are $48.

Start your child's journey TODAY online or call 360-244-4322

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