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Homeschool Family Karate

FAMILY STYLE Karate classes in this special blend of physical and safety education.

Family Karate ages 8+

P-IMA Karate is Shinka-Ryu; a hybrid style which blends many different martial arts. Students begin with traditional Okinawan style basic karate techniques and advance through techniques found in Hapkido, Boxing and Sport Sparring, Judo, Tang Soo Do, Goju Ryu, and Jiu Jitsu.

How often do they attend class?

This class meets 2x a week. With consistent attendance the student should achieve a strong grasp of the material. They should also practice outside of class times to ensure retention.

Do they test for rank advancement?

There will be a skills test upon completion and a certificate will be awarded. Testing is dependent on 3 elements: 1) Number of classes attended, students must attend a certain number of classes to be ready to test 2) Proficiency in the techniques 3) Attitude and home/school report of the student.

What are the benefits to training in the martial arts?

I home educated my son. One of our social activities was Karate. This was an organized physical activity that we could do together. If you want your children to become disciplined, to become stronger and more fit, and to have a positive self image take them to a martial arts class. Regular martial arts training allows children the time to practice  focus and concentration. They will be challenged physically and mentally. They will gain strength and confidence during each class. Included in each class are life skills such as compassion and integrity. They will learn to work cooperatively with peers. Children will practice following instructions in a structured setting and find that exercise is FUN!

How much does it cost?

The monthly program is $110 Karate (45 minute class) per student.  A uniform is $48.

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