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Because you don't build character sitting on a couch!

Why Martial Arts for Children?

There are many reasons to enroll your children and keep them training in the martial arts. Martial arts builds self-confidence and teaches discipline which will provide a solid foundation from which your children will develop strong character. While studying the martial arts is fun, children will be learning important lessons in values and respect that will shape how they view the world around them. And even though we teach to avoid confrontations, if the need arises, your children can be secure in their knowledge of how to defend themselves from physical harm. This is the power derived from the martial arts. Martial arts builds self-confidence. It is a physical and demanding “sport.” Children who participate and progress in the martial arts will develop a positive attitude that they can take with them to help accomplish other important tasks and face other challenges in their lives. Our school is dedicated to making your children feel accepted as well as motivated. We focus on providing children with a positive atmosphere where they can build their confidence, even after a bad day at school or playing a sport. It’s a place where they’ll find support when they feel down or discouraged. We are ready and able to give your children the additional support to face life’s challenges and stay on the right path.

In addition to the structure you provide at home, martial arts also provides your child with discipline. This involves coming to class on time and following school rules and policy. It also concerns learning to respect themselves and other, which is an important goal that we strive to instill in our students. We teach children not to feel that they can’t complete a task because it’s too hard or because they’ve failed the first time. Instead we teach them to relax, regroup and give 100 percent effort again. The discipline that they learn helps them to stay focused and work hard to accomplish their goals.

Martial arts is a tool that can help your children in other sports, as well as keeping them in shape and healthy. Many drills that we practice enhance skills they will need in other extracurricular activities. For example, proper balance and hand-eye coordination are skills that are essential in sports such as baseball, football, gymnastics and soccer. Martial arts can give your children the competitive edge.

Knowing that they can defend themselves if a problem arises is another benefit that your children derive from martial arts training. Martial arts does not just teach kids how to defend themselves physically, but more importantly, how to avoid dangerous situations. Avoiding the situation rather than being in a physical confrontation is an important concept that instructors teach both indirectly and directly. They learn to use their brains first.

Through the martial arts, your children will learn many valuable lessons that will help them throughout their lives and the best thing about it is that it’s fun. They may not even realize that they are learning all these “values.” It’s not only enjoyable for the kids, it’s also enjoyable for the parents. To watch your children learn new skills and watch them improve will fill you with pride. Why stay on the sidelines? Martial arts is an activity that you can do as a family. It’s a way of spending more quality time with your children, and that’s invaluable in today’s hectic world.

Martial arts is an art form that has existed for many centuries and is taught around the world today. It’s teachings are inspiring and unique. The values and lessons of martial arts can assist your children in becoming better citizens and becoming better equipped to handle the many situations that they will face in their academic and personal lives.

"The ultimate aim of karate-do lies not in victory or defeat,
but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”
- Gichin Funakoshi

     Kids ages 5-7:           Youth 8-11                        

These character building classes are part of our year round children's program which offers martial arts training in Integrated Martial Arts. P-IMA is a hybrid school which blends many different martial arts. Your child will learn the positive benefits of focus, attention, manners, self discipline and confidence, develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility.  Because a structure of respect is built into the martial arts, children develop the ability to listen, learn, focus and achieve.  This proves to be an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for kindergarten and preschool.

Our Kids Karate Program has been specifically developed to allow each student to reach his or her greatest potential in the shortest period of time as well as emphasizing skills such as  focus, attention, self discipline, manners, respect, courtesy, honor, self-defense, safety, personal development and how to be a leader.  Instilling these values truly begins at an early age and will allow your child to have the necessary tools for school and life!

How Often Do They Attend Class?

It is recommended that students attend at least two regular classes each week. With regular attendance the student gets a strong grasp of the material. They should also practice outside of class times to ensure retention. Please check the schedule for class days and times. 

How Often Do They Test for Rank Advancement?

Kids and Youth can earn belt rank in Karate. Kids test after 20 classes. Youth and above test 3 times a year. However, not all students test each time. Testing is dependent on 3 elements: 1) Number of classes attended, students must attend a certain number of classes to be ready to test 2) Proficiency in the techniques for their rank 3) Attitude and home/school report of the student.

What are the benefits to training in the martial arts?  If you want your child to become disciplined, to become stronger and more fit, and to have a positive self image take him to a martial arts class. Regular martial arts training allows the child the time to practice his focus and concentration. Daily he will challenge himself physically and mentally. He will gain strength and confidence during each class. Included in each class are life skills such as compassion and integrity. He will learn to work cooperatively with his peers. He will learn to follow instructions and he will learn that exercise is FUN!

How much does it cost?

The Kids Karate class for ages 5-7 is 30 minutes, $50 a month or $10 drop-in.
The Youth Karate class is a family class ages 8 and above so the whole family can train together. Class is 45 minutes- 1 hour. $80 a month or $10 drop-in. Add-on Junior Jiu-Jitsu $35 a month.
Uniforms are $38.

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Do I Have To Fight, Spar, or Grapple?

Safety is always our very first concern. Students are encouraged to begin exercises or drills for sparring soon after beginning however they are not permitted to "point spar" until their instructors have verified both their knowledge of proper technique but also superior self-control when striking at other students. Also, ALL sparring is done with proper foam safety equipment (including headgear, shins, hands, feet, groin for men, and mouth guards for all students.

What Do I Wear?

The karate uniform is a comfortable loose fitting 2 piece outfit. It is very functional. The cotton material helps wick away moisture which helps keep the body cooler. The lapels are reinforced so that we can practice self-defense against opponents who grab our collars. A white uniform is worn for students under black belt. This can be purchased from PIMA or any maker as long as it is in the style of a Karate uniform.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Black Belt?

The answer generally depends on the individual and how many hours per week they are able to consistently spend training and in practice. The typical healthy teen or adult student can achieve black belt in 5 years. The important thing to realize is that all students can achieve a "black belt attitude" towards personal development. This attitude can be achieved in a much shorter length of time. Kids and youth have more steps and can take longer; as maturity is a factor.








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