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PIMA (360) 244-4322  Long Beach Peninsula
Because you don't build character sitting on a couch!


This summer is packed full of workshops: HERE on our Facebook event page

We also provide workshops for corporate events!
If you are an organization interested in a workshop or talk on health & fitness, self-defense, bully busting, or other please call to schedule 360-244-4322

For more information or to sign-up for special events click this link.

Girl Scouts self defense workshop

Weapons workshop: learn beginning weapons handling. Escrima, fan, bo, cane, sai, nunchuku, kama, gun and knife defenses.

Ladies Only Self-Defense workshop: Learn how not to be an easy target plus the mental and physical tools of self-defense.

Bully Education: program is a non-violent, confident building, exciting seminar that provides bully education to children and teens. Students will learn to identify the different types of bullying, why bullies pick on other kids, safe people and safe places, who to tell about bullying, and bully prevention.

The only long-term way to end bullying is by developing the character traits of responsibility, honesty, respect and poise. Children need to be responsible for what they do as well as what happens to them. Honesty is also required so students can assess problems and learn to see the truth. Respect will not only make kids stand up to bullies but will also make them less likely to be the target of bullies.

Students need to learn that self-respect will always come before respect for others. Finally, children learn to move and act with poise. A child that learns to carry themselves with poise can stand up for themselves and face adversity. P-IMA does not teach children to run from problems. We teach children to face their problems head on with confidence and a ready to persevere attitude.

Stranger Awareness: program teaches preschool and up how not to be an easy victim and the 5 step defense necessary to stay safe. This program is always FREE.

Parent's Night Out: Enjoy a handful of hours while your children are entertained with Karate games and snacks. This is a fun-packed time for all.

Birthday Parties: Check out out birthday party page.

Click the MEMBERS button to register for classes or pay dues and drop-in rates. EMAIL ME

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